The K9 Companion class began as an entry level training course for dogs that are 6 months or older. The concepts, however, can be used for all ages of dogs including puppies. The class introduces you to reward-based training techniques that will help you communicate to your dog a basic vocabulary of commands and will strengthen the bond you have with your dog to help make him or her a better house companion. Please review all the weeks because information in latter weeks make be useful immediately. Certainly there are various sequences in which the exercises may be taught and you should do what works best for you and your K9 Companion.

What do you do when the class is over??


  1. Sign up for another class to take training to the next level.

  2. Practice walking with your dog out and about.

    • College Avenue in downtown Appleton.

    • Riverside Park in Neenah. (or any Neenah park because they allow dogs on leash)

    • Wisconsin Ave. in downtown Neenah.

    • The Wiowash trail west of Appleton.

    • ANY trail!!

  3. Get together with other dog owners and their dogs and have a class outside.(weather permitting, of course, but WARM rain is no excuse!)

  4. Have your dog sit before you or he goes in or out, tell him he’s good and have him follow you outside.

  5. Arrange playtime with other dogs and practice commands, mark and reward good behavior.

  6. Be a food machine…..find a treat (small pieces) to keep in your pocket that won’t turn green in time!

  7. Attend dog shows to see what else you can do with your dog. You can find them on or on

  8. Take an AGILITY or RALLY class.

  9. Play the 2 Frisbee game. Throw one, your dog brings it back. You say OUT. When your dog gives it to you say YES and throw the second Frisbee. Repeat. Soft disks are great for this game as are balls on a rope.

  10. Check out and take your dog to a Canine Good Citizen test.

  11. Certify your dog as a Therapy Dog.

  12. Read, read, read and incorporate dog training in your everyday activities.

  13. If you have a herding breed, go work some SHEEP.