The K9 Companion class began as an entry level training course for dogs that are 6 months or older. The concepts, however, can be used for all ages of dogs including puppies. The class introduces you to reward-based training techniques that will help you communicate to your dog a basic vocabulary of commands and will strengthen the bond you have with your dog to help make him or her a better house companion. Please review all the weeks because information in latter weeks make be useful immediately. Certainly there are various sequences in which the exercises may be taught and you should do what works best for you and your K9 Companion.

Right and Left Turns

Quarter turn to the right.

  • Have your dog sitting on your left side.

  • Take a half step forward and then a quarter turn to the right.

  • Have your leash in your right hand and a treat in the left hand to lure your dog as you step and he should move with you.

  • When your dog is seated again next to you, mark with YES and reward with the treat.

  • Only after he knows what he’s doing will you add the command, “come up and sit” or simply "heel".

Quarter Turn to the Left

  • Have your dog sitting on your left side.

  • Have your treat in left hand and take a ½ step forward then ¼ turn to the left luring dog with treat.

  • When your dog is in position, say YES and treat.

  • When your dog is following your lure and ending up when you want him give the command, “get it back and sit” or "heel".




"Let the Trainer examine himself when the dog makes a mistake, or does not understand the exercise, or fails in obedience and let him ask "Where am I at fault?"

Max von Stephanitz "The German Shepherd Dog in Word and Picture" ... published in 1923.