The K9 Companion class began as an entry level training course for dogs that are 6 months or older. The concepts, however, can be used for all ages of dogs including puppies. The class introduces you to reward-based training techniques that will help you communicate to your dog a basic vocabulary of commands and will strengthen the bond you have with your dog to help make him or her a better house companion. Please review all the weeks because information in latter weeks make be useful immediately. Certainly there are various sequences in which the exercises may be taught and you should do what works best for you and your K9 Companion.

Interesting Articles

Learned Helplessness
"Some of the most commonly seen cases are when owners punish dogs’ behavior well after the offending behavior has taken place and quite possibly out of anger."    
The Puppy Rulebook
"Animals do have emotions and feelings but they are not the same as we experience our emotions. If we can understand the patterns and rules that they live by, then we can better relate to them and teach them to abide by our codes."
Social Styles - Dogs and Humans
"Behavior is determined by various factors such as socialization, breeding or genetics, environmental stimulus or lack of, and human contact. Dog social styles are influenced by these but are separate just as human social styles are. It affects how they learn, relate, and process information."  
How to Socialize Your New Puppy (free E-book)
"Too many new dog owners are afraid to be rude to someone who invades their puppy's space.  Those are the people who end up with a pup that becomes fearful of strangers."